Custom error handler in Django Rest Framework

How to create custom error handler in Django Rest Framework

Background Process in Scala

Additional information in for yield keyword in Scala

Optimize ASP.Net application with Sentry

How to use Sentry in ASP.Net application, especially for RESTful API application

Upload image summernote editor to Azure Storage

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Custom REST authorization in ASP.Net MVC

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Fix Guava and HBase conflict in Play Framework

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Programming and Communication

When I first started programming I thought that what matters most is our coding. I remember in my first job my boss called me in her office and told me that I need to fix my code, learn more about programming and stuff. And that leads me to learn about the good structure for an app, what technology lies behind it, how to clean up your code, etc.

Data Volumes using Docker Compose

If you are developing a web app using Docker, you will change your code so many times. The problem with developing using Docker, your files are build in the first time.

Ngrok for Web Development

By using Ngrok, you can create a secure tunnels to localhost. It means that if you're working on a cafe, and your colleague is working from another cafe (the art of working from anywhere), you can share your localhost to your friend using Ngrok.