What to do when commuting to work

December 24, 2018


I’ve been not working remotely for the last few months. My trip between home to office is around 1.5 - 2hrs. So I’m in a train 4hrs/day or 80hrs/month. That’s.. a long time to be in a train.

Since we can not buy replace the time, I’ve been finding a way to make it more productive. Although this is not 100% effective, at least I feel like I’m not wasting time.

These are some ways to spend your time while commuting to work:

  1. Podcast / Audible
    This is the easiest way to spend your time in a productive way. I use Overcast because I can speed it up, reduce background noise, and it boosts voice.

    Some podcast recommendations:

    If you have Audible account, I really recommend Ready player one. Seriously it’s way better than the movie! It’s narrated by Wil Wheaton.

  2. Read a book
    I have kindle account and also recently subscribe Safari Books Online (worth it! it has a lot of great books!). Some great books:

    • It doesn’t have to be crazy at work
    • Effective engineer
    • The manager’s path
    • The subtle art of not giving a fuck
  3. Netflix
    Netflix is the least productive but sometimes I got bored and need something fun

Most of the time I listen to Soft Skill Engineering podcast (I’m on episode 70 by the time I write this) because the hosts are funny and it has a lot of good insights in Engineering.

Hope this helps you!

Aslam Hadi

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